Internship Courses

Internships create opportunities for students to integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Interns gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields (NACE).

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Internship Coded Courses

SubjectCatalogCourse TitleGen Ed
AAF477Internship in Africana Studies
ACC (BUS)493Internship In Business Administration
ART477Art & Art History Internship
AFS597Internship in Fisheries and Aquaculture
AFS399Aquaculture and Fisheries Internship
AVS398Practicum in Zoo and Aquarium Animal Science
AVS399Animal Science Internship
BAI493Internship In Business Administration
BAI494No Credit Internship
BES593Internship In Science Writing
BPS460Pharmaceutical Science Internship/Field Experience
BTC (MLS)199Biotechnology Manufacturing Internship
BPS460Pharmaceutical Science Internship/Field Experience
CHM477Internship in Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry
CMB499Biotechnology Internship
COM477Internship in Communication Studies
COM472Internship in Communication Studies
CPL397Field Work in Community Planning
CSC477Computer Science Internship
CSF590Cyber Security Internship
DSP477Data Science Internship
EDC306Education Policy and Public Service Internship-MTI@URIA2, C1
EDC483Youth Health and Physical Activity Internship
EDS518Supervised Internship
EDC577Master's Internship in Student Affairs
EDC578Master's Internship in Student Affairs
EEC497Internship in Environmental Economics
ENG477Internship in English
EVS597Professional Internship in Environmental Science and Management
EVS618Internship in Coastal Management
FIN493Internship In Business Administration
FLM477Internship in Film Media
FRN315French Internship Abroad
FRN316French Internship Abroad
GEO397Geoscience Internship
GWS300Field Experience In Women's Studies
HDF311Early Field Experience with Adolescents
HDF417Internship for Leadership Minors
HDF480Senior Field Experiences in Community AgenciesC1, D1
HDF553Higher Education Practicum
HDF583Master's Internship
HDF584Master's Internship
HIS477History Internship
HIS577Graduate History Internship
HPR301Honors Tutorial Topic: Administrative Internship
HPR302Honors Tutorial Topic: Administrative Internship
HSA480Advanced Practicum In Health Services Administration
INE493Internship In Business Administration
ITR301Field Experience I
ITR302Field Experience II
JOR477Journalism Internship
KIN484Supervised Field Work
KIN592Internship in Physical Education and Exercise Science
LAR477Landscape Architecture Internship
LHR581Internship: Labor Relations and Human Resources
LSC520School Library Media Services
LSC595Apply and Reflect: Professional Field Experience
MAC520Internship in Accounting
MAF490Field Experiencein Marine Affairs
MBA593Internship In Business Administration
MBA594Internship In Business Administration
MGT493Internship In Business Administration
MIC499Biotechnology Internship
MKT493Internship In Business Administration
MSL300Leadership Training Internship
MUS477Music Internship
MUS491Clinical Internship
NEU510Experiential Neuroscience
NFS580Experiential Learning in Nutrition and Food Sciences
NFS581Internship in General Medical Nutrition Therapy
NFS583Internship in Food Service Management
NFS584Internship in Community Nutrition
NRS309Wildlife Management Techniques Laboratory
NRS397Natural Resources Internship
NRS487International Development Internship
NRS497Natural Resources Cooperative Internship
PHL477Field Experience in Philosophy
PHY577Quantum Computing Internship
PLS399Plant Sciences Internship
PRS477Public Relations Internship
PSC306Education Policy and Public Service Internship-MTI@URI
PSC375Field Experience In Practical Politics
PSC376Field Experience In Practical Politics
PSC590Internship in Public Administration
PSC551Internship in International Relations
PSY305Field Experience In Psychology
PSY473Practicum In Behavioral Psychology
PSY698Internship in Professional Psychology
RDE486Internship in Agricultural and Extension Education
SCA493Internship In Business Administration
SCM477Harrington Field Experience
SMC477Sports Media Communication Internship
SOC477Field Experience in Sociology
SPA316Spanish Internship Abroad
SPA317Spanish Internship Abroad
SPC491Supervised Internship Non Profit OrganizationD1, B4
THE477Professional Internship
TMD530Graduate Internship
URB392Field Experience in Urban Studies
WRT385Field Experience with Writing Rhode Island
WRT477Internship in Writing and Rhetoric
Coded courses as of 8/2023 by CCEE

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URI Experiential Education Network Contacts

Who should I contact if I have questions specific to my major or college? Students – please reach out to your faculty member or college/major program coordinator. Faculty/Staff and Employers – please see the list of contact below. Not sure where to start? Feel free to reach out to Sarah Miller.

College of Arts & ScienceBrianne NeptinExperiential Education Coordinator
College of BusinessLynne FinneganExperiential Education Coordinator

College of EngineeringLauren CreamerCoordinator, Career Services & Employer Relations

College of Health SciencesKristin Fratoni Souza
Courtney Mackey Wilbur
Experiential Education Liaison
Kinesiology Internships & Experiential Education Coordinator
College of NursingAmy Creed
Donna Donilon
Experiential Education Coordinator
Clinical Programs Coordinator
College of PharmacyBrett Feret
Erin Edmonds
Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education
BSPS Experiential Education Coordinator
College of the Environment and Life SciencesSarah PuckettUndergraduate Research and Experiential Learning Coordinator

International Center - URI GlobalThomas Hospod

Michelle Carrara
Assistant Director, Internationalization Initiatives, Administration & Agreements
Assistant Director, URI Programs Abroad, Faculty-Led Programs, & On-Campus Capacity Building
Office of Civic Engagement & ActionAlicia Vignali-HenryCommunity Engagement Coordinator
Office of Teacher Education, School of EducationBetsy PalazzettiCoordinator, Field Placements
UCAS Center for Career & Experiential EducationSarah MillerAssistant Director, Experiential Education
URI Cooperative ExtensionKaylyn Keene
Sejal Lanterman
Energy Fellows Program Coordinator
RI Agriculture and Food Systems Fellows Program Coordinator

URI Graduate SchoolCara MitnickAssociate Director of Professional and Community Development