Original Creative Works

Production of a unique or original piece; or unique or original production of a known piece. Includes significant autonomous management.

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Original Creative Works Coded Courses

SubjectCatalogCourse TitleGen Ed
ART309Drawing III
ART322Painting II
ART344Sculpture II
ART405Studio Seminar
ART470Art History: Senior Projects
JOR330Televison News
JOR331Electronic News Gathering
LAR343Landscape Architecture Studio I
LAR344Landscape Architecture Studio II
LAR444Landscape Architecture Studio III: Sustainable Design
LAR445Landscape Architecture Studio IVD1
MUS579Experiential Learning in Music
THE300Individual Problems in Theatre Studies
THE301Special Group Studies
THE391Advanced Production Laboratory
THE400Advanced Individual Problems in Theatre Studies
THE401Advanced Special Group Studies
THE420Advanced Directing Practice
THE441Advanced Theatre Management
THE455Advanced Costuming
THE465Advanced Scene Design
THE475Advanced Stage Lighting
Courses coded as of 8/2023 by CCEE

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URI Experiential Education Network Contacts

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College of Arts & ScienceBrianne NeptinExperiential Education Coordinator
College of BusinessLynne FinneganExperiential Education Coordinator

College of EngineeringLauren CreamerCoordinator, Career Services & Employer Relations

College of Health SciencesKristin Fratoni Souza
Courtney Mackey Wilbur
Experiential Education Liaison
Kinesiology Internships & Experiential Education Coordinator
College of NursingAmy Creed
Donna Donilon
Experiential Education Coordinator
Clinical Programs Coordinator
College of PharmacyBrett Feret
Erin Edmonds
Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education
BSPS Experiential Education Coordinator
College of the Environment and Life SciencesSarah PuckettUndergraduate Research and Experiential Learning Coordinator

International Center - URI GlobalThomas Hospod

Michelle Carrara
Assistant Director, Internationalization Initiatives, Administration & Agreements
Assistant Director, URI Programs Abroad, Faculty-Led Programs, & On-Campus Capacity Building
Office of Civic Engagement & ActionAlicia Vignali-HenryCommunity Engagement Coordinator
Office of Teacher Education, School of EducationBetsy PalazzettiCoordinator, Field Placements
UCAS Center for Career & Experiential EducationSarah MillerAssistant Director, Experiential Education
URI Cooperative ExtensionKaylyn Keene
Sejal Lanterman
Energy Fellows Program Coordinator
RI Agriculture and Food Systems Fellows Program Coordinator

URI Graduate SchoolCara MitnickAssociate Director of Professional and Community Development