Original Scholarship & Research Courses

Expansion of previous knowledge through advanced focused study of an undiscovered idea or phenomenon and/or the creation of original theory or concept. Original work adding to the current known body of work in its respective area.

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Original Scholarship and Research Coded Courses

SubjectCatalogCourse TitleInnovative/ EntrepreneurshipGen Ed
AMS699Doctoral Dissertation Research
APG427Senior Seminar: Unity of AnthropologyD1
AVS599Master's Thesis Research
BCH652Research in Biochemistry
BES599Master's Thesis Research
BES699Doctoral Dissertation Research
BIO599Master's Thesis Research
BIO699Doctoral Dissertation Research
BUS699Doctoral Dissertation Research
CCJ476Policy Issues in Criminal JusticeB1, D1
CHE599Master's Thesis Research
CHE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
CHM353Undergraduate ResearchInnovation & EntrepreneurshipD1
CHM354Undergraduate Research in Forensic ChemistryD1
CHM551Nonthesis Master's Research
CHM552Nonthesis Master's Research
CHM599Master's Thesis Research
CHM699Doctoral Dissertation Research
CMB599Master's Thesis Research
CMB699Doctoral Dissertation Research
CMD599Master's Thesis Research
COM599Master's Thesis Research
CSC599Master's Thesis Research
CSC699Doctoral Dissertation Research
CVE599Master's Thesis Research
CVE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
EDC599Master's Thesis Research
EDP699Doctoral Dissertation Research
EEC599Master's Thesis Research
EEC699Doctoral Dissertation Research
ELE599Master's Thesis Research
ELE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
ENG410Capstone Seminar in Literary and Cultural StudiesD1, B4
ENG599Master's Thesis Research
ENG699Doctoral Dissertation Research
EVS599Master's Thesis Research
EVS699Doctoral Dissertation Research
GEO499Senior Thesis
GWS400Critical Issues & Feminist Scholarship
GWS492Writers Writing Their LivesB1, D1
HDF599Master's Thesis Research
HIS599Master's Thesis Research
HPR401Honors Project
HPR402Honors Project
ISE599Master's Thesis Research
ISE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
KIN599Master's Thesis Research
MAF599Master's Thesis Research
MAF699Doctoral Dissertation Research
MCE599Master's Thesis Research
MCE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
MTH599Master's Thesis Research
MTH699Doctoral Dissertation Research
MUS599Master's Thesis Research
NEU599Master's Thesis Research
NEU699Neuroscience Doctoral Dissertation Research
NFS599Master's Thesis Research
NUR699Doctoral Dissertation Research
OCE599Master's Thesis Research
OCE699Doctoral Dissertation Research
OCG599Master's Thesis Research
OCG699Doctoral Dissertation Research
PHC599Master's Thesis Research
PHC699Doctoral Dissertation Research
PHL499Senior Thesis
PHY483Laboratory and Research Problems in Physics
PHY484Laboratory and Research Problems in Physics
PHY599Master's Thesis Research
PHY699Doctoral Dissertation Research
PSC408African Governments and Politics
PSC416Russian Politics and SocietyC2, D1
PSC417Russian Foreign PolicyC2, D1
PSC419Politics in Latin AmericaC2, D1
PSC422Comparative American State Politics
PSC431International RelationsC2, D1
PSC434American Foreign PolicyC2, D1
PSC435Theories of International Conflict
PSC441Women And PoliticsC3, D1
PSC443Twenty-first Century Political Theory
PSC455Directed Study or Research
PSC456Directed Study or Research
PSC461The American PresidencyD1
PSC465Political Parties in the United StatesD1
PSC472Civil LibertiesD1
PSC482Political Science Seminar
PSC492Controversies in Political Science
PSC599Master's Thesis Research
PSC405HHealth and Aging Policy - Honors
PSC408HAfrican Governments and Politics
PSC421GSecularism and Islamism in the Modern WorldA2, C3, G1
PSC422HHonors Section of PSC 422-International Political Economy
PSY599Master's Thesis Research
PSY699Doctoral Dissertation Research
SPA599Master's Thesis Research
STA599Master's Thesis Research
TMD599Master's Thesis Research
WRT599Master's Thesis Research in Rhetoric
WRT699Doctoral Dissertation Research in Rhetoric
Courses coded as of 8/2023 by CCEE

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URI Experiential Education Network Contacts

Who should I contact if I have questions specific to my major or college? Students – please reach out to your faculty member or college/major program coordinator. Faculty/Staff and Employers – please see the list of contact below. Not sure where to start? Feel free to reach out to Sarah Miller.

College of Arts & ScienceBrianne NeptinExperiential Education Coordinator
College of BusinessLynne FinneganExperiential Education Coordinator

College of EngineeringLauren CreamerCoordinator, Career Services & Employer Relations

College of Health SciencesKristin Fratoni Souza
Courtney Mackey Wilbur
Experiential Education Liaison
Kinesiology Internships & Experiential Education Coordinator
College of NursingAmy Creed
Donna Donilon
Experiential Education Coordinator
Clinical Programs Coordinator
College of PharmacyBrett Feret
Erin Edmonds
Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education
BSPS Experiential Education Coordinator
College of the Environment and Life SciencesSarah PuckettUndergraduate Research and Experiential Learning Coordinator

International Center - URI GlobalThomas Hospod

Michelle Carrara
Assistant Director, Internationalization Initiatives, Administration & Agreements
Assistant Director, URI Programs Abroad, Faculty-Led Programs, & On-Campus Capacity Building
Office of Civic Engagement & ActionAlicia Vignali-HenryCommunity Engagement Coordinator
Office of Teacher Education, School of EducationBetsy PalazzettiCoordinator, Field Placements
UCAS Center for Career & Experiential EducationSarah MillerAssistant Director, Experiential Education
URI Cooperative ExtensionKaylyn Keene
Sejal Lanterman
Energy Fellows Program Coordinator
RI Agriculture and Food Systems Fellows Program Coordinator

URI Graduate SchoolCara MitnickAssociate Director of Professional and Community Development