(20 person minimum): buffets, a la carte, staffing, service, bar


(12 person minimum): drop-off cold events displayed on disposables


Menu prices are subject to change due to current market food price increases.

  • Per Person Pricing
    All menu selections are listed as a per person price unless noted otherwise.
  • Buffet Set-up Charge
    $50 buffet service charge per event typically includes:

    • Set-up of food, beverage, all equipment used to display & serve food & beverages
       (e.g: serving utensils, chafers, platters, sternos, etc.)
    • Linen for food & beverage table(s), paperware & plasticware
       (e.g: plates, bowls, plastic forks, knives, spoons, napkins, tumblers, cups, forks,
       knives, spoons, etc.)

    • Break-down and pick-up of food & beverage equipment
  • Delivery Charge
    Delivery charges will apply for all events held off of URI Kingston Campus.
    • Bay Campus – $25/event
    • Providence Campus – $100/event
    • Delivery to on-campus event under $100 minimum – $25/event

$25 Delivery fee on orders under $100. Delivery is FREE on orders over $100.

Additional Charges Breakdown

Chef Attendant:  $40/hour
Server:  $25/hour
Bartenders:  $50/hour
Bar Plasticware:  $3.25/person
Bar Glassware:  $4.50/person
Chinaware:  $6/person
Cloth Napkins:  $1/person
On-site Grilling:  $100/grill
Tablecloths:  $8/each

Plate-up Events

Additional 15% for 2-Course Event
Additional 18% for 3-Course Event
Additional 20% for 4-Course Event