Alcohol Policy & Approval Form

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Bar Service

Alcohol Service is provided exclusively by URI Catering and we have a wide selection of beers and wines. All staff members are ServeSafe trained and adhere to all state of Rhode Island Alcohol Laws. URI Catering reserves the right to refuse services to groups which include guests who are not of legal drinking age. In all cases, we reserve the right to ask for proper proof of age and the right to refuse service to a visibly intoxicated guest. Please review the URI Dining Services Alcohol Policy (attached below).


ORIGINATOR: Vice President for Student Affairs | DATE: July 2010 |POLICY #10-01

PURPOSE: To govern the purchase, possession, service, sale, consumption, and distribution of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the Kingston, Narragansett Bay, and Feinstein Providence campuses of the University of Rhode Island. W. Alton Jones Campus operates under its own alcoholic beverage license and is not included in this Alcoholic Beverage Policy.

APPLICABLE TO: All Departments of the University.

RESPONSIBILITY: All faculty, staff, students, and guests of all departments, colleges, and users of University facilities at the Kingston, Narragansett Bay, and Feinstein Providence campuses are required to comply with this policy.


The sale and/or service of alcohol is permitted on the Kingston Campus in the following locations: University Club, President’s House, Ryan Center, Boss Arena, Alumni Center and the Foundation Building. The sale or service of alcohol at the Providence Campus and the Narragansett Bay Campus, and locations not listed above, require the written approval of the President or his/her designee. Generally, requests to serve alcohol at on-campus functions will be denied if students under the age of 21 are in attendance.

All activities, events, locations, and individuals under this policy shall be subject to and in compliance with all appropriate State and Federal laws, local ordinances, and URI policies and procedures.

No individual under the legal drinking age of 21 years may possess, serve, sell, consume, or distribute alcohol on University premises or at any URI sponsored activity, event, and/or function. Where there is URI supervision staff over the age of twenty-one, individuals 18 year of age or older may serve alcoholic beverages in accordance with Rhode Island State Law.

All individuals authorized to serve alcoholic beverages under this policy must have completed an approved training for the responsible service, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Training must meet the minimum standards of programs such as TIPs. No individual may service or otherwise provide alcohol, for consumption, to individuals under the legal drinking age of 21 years. Proof of age must be provided upon request before service is allowed. 2

Individuals may not:

Bring alcoholic beverages to any on-campus activity, event, and/or function unless specifically indicated i.e., as stipulated in the University Policy on Tailgating.
Leave an activity, event, and/or function area while carrying or holding any type of container of alcoholic beverage.
Any individual violating the policies, rules and regulations of the University of Rhode Island and the State of Rhode Island will be held accountable and subject to appropriate discipline and/or sanctions prescribed by law and URI policies.


ALCOHOL or ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Beer, wine, hard liquor, distilled spirits, mixed drinks, and any and all other beverages containing ethyl alcohol.
SPONSORED: An event, activity, and/or function on the Kingston, Narragansett Bay, and Feinstein Providence campuses is a sponsored event, activity or function authorized by and conducted in the name of or on behalf of the University and/or is supported in whole or in part through funding under any University budget, University-related budget, and/or RI Board of Governors for Higher Education budget.
INDIVIDUAL: Employee, Faculty, Staff, Student, Volunteer, Guests, and/or Agent of the University
PREMISES: Any building, facility, vessel, vehicle, including real estate owned, leased, rented, and/or temporarily assigned, occupied and used, in whole or in part, is managed and operated under the authority of URI or an authorized agent.


Service of alcoholic beverages at any University facility shall comply with Rhode Island General Laws and appropriate rules and regulations of state departments overseeing the service of alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased through URI Dining Services except as otherwise provided herein.

In the event that URI Dining Services is unable to service the event, it shall refer the department or customer to the University Club to service the event and to an outside vendor only in the case when neither Dining Services nor the University Club can provide the desired services. The department or customer MAY NOT use an outside vendor unless proper approvals have been obtained.
If the President approves the sale of alcohol to the general public at an event at the Ryan Center, the concessionaire will be the authorized vendor.
The service of alcoholic beverages must be in conjunction with food service and the Catering Waiver Form and Catering Policy #07-01 shall apply for purposes of this Policy.
Servers, Bartenders, Attendants must use prudent judgment consistent with training in determining whether or not an individual meets the legal drinking age requirement and are encouraged to exercise this judgment in denying service if they believe the individual is not over the age of twenty-one.


URI Alcohol Sale Approval Form is to be used to obtain approval for all sites not listed in policy. The Vice President for Administration and Finance is the President’s Designee. Please:

  • Fill out the form and have it co-signed by the Dean or Department Head.
  • Attach a memo of explanation/justification.
  • Fax to the Dining Services Catering Department. Fax number is 874-5089.
  • Dining Services Catering Department will forward your request to the Vice President for approval.
  • The request should be reviewed by the Vice President’s office at least two weeks before the date of the event.
  • Executed copies will be sent to the Dean or Department Head and Catering Services upon approval by the Vice President.