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Minor in Justice, Law and Society


The minor in justice, law and society at URI is designed to provide students with a critical examination of the intersection of social justice, criminal justice, and the law. Among the issues students will confront are the distribution of wealth, power, and property; the relationship of social inequalities to crime; inequities in the administration of law; and the law as an instrument of social change.

Although beneficial for all students, this course of study is particularly recommended for those contemplating careers in the law, criminal justice, education, and human services.

Course Descriptions for Interdepartmental Minors.



Students declaring a minor in justice, law, and society are required to complete a minimum of 18 credits. At least 3 credits must be completed in each of the three categories of courses: law, social justice and criminal justice. Several of the courses have prerequisites not included in this program; students are responsible for completing these prerequisites prior to enrolling in the course. Other courses, such as topics courses, may be approved for credit by the program coordinator.

Courses in a student’s major cannot be used for the minor unless the courses are not required by the major and are in excess of the credits required by the major. Additional topics courses may be approved for use in the minor by the program coordinator.



AAF 372 African Americans and the Legal System

ECN 337 Industrial Organization and Public Policy*

ENG 356 Literature and the Law*

PSC 369 Legislative Process and Policy Formation*

PSC 388 (288) The American Legal System*

PSC 472 Civil Liberties*

Social Justice

AAF 201 Introduction to African-American Studies

AAF/PSC 380 Civil Rights Movement

APG 311 Native North Americans

APG 322 Anthropology of Modernization*

ECN 305 Competing Traditions in Economics*

ECN 381 (H) Radical Critiques of Contemporary Political Economy*

ECN 386 The Economics of Race, Gender and Class*

GWS 150 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies

GWS 310 Race, Class and Sexuality in Women’s Lives*

HIS 146 Women in the U. S., 1890 – Present

HIS/AAF 150 Introduction to African-American History

HIS 328 (H) The Holocaust*

HIS 344 History of the North American Indian*

HIS 346 Immigration, Ethnicity and Race in America*

HIS 352 Topics in the History of Women and Gender*

HIS/AAF 359 History of Slavery in America*

HIS/AAF 366 Twentieth Century Black Politics and Protest*

PHL 210 Women and Moral Rights

PHL 217 Social Philosophy

PHL 314 Ethical Problems in Society and Medicine*

PHL 318 (H) Power/Justice: Contemporary Critical Philosophies*

PSC/GWS 441 Women and Politics*

PSC/AAF 466 (H) Urban Problems*

PSY 480 The Psychology of Women*

SOC/AAF 240 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC 242 Sex and Gender

SOC 413 Gender Inequality*

SOC/AAF 428 Institutional Racism*

SOC/HDF 437 Law and Families in the U. S.*

SOC 438 Aging in Society*

SOC 452 Class and Power*

Criminal Justice

PSY 254 (H) Behavior Problems and Personality Disorder*

PSY 261 The Alcohol-Troubled Person: Introductory Concepts

PSY 335 Psychology of Social Behavior*

PSY 460 The Substance-Troubled Person

PSY 465 Introduction to Crisis Intervention*

PSY 466 Child Sexual Abuse*

SOC 230 Crime and Delinquency

SOC/PSC 274 (H) The Criminal Justice System

SOC 330 Police in Democratic Societies*

SOC 331 Punishment and Corrections*

SOC 370 Theories of Crime and Delinquency*

SOC 420 Family Violence*

SOC/PSC 476 Policy Issues in Criminal Justice*


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