Arijit Bose Research

Professor Bose’s current research encompasses colloidal and interfacial engineering, with specific efforts in the areas of nanoparticle/nanostructured materials synthesis and characterization, advanced uses for cryogenic transmission electron microscopy, soft colloid aggregate microstructure evolution and self-assembly dynamics and thermodynamics using both traditional probing techniques as well as microfluidics, and the development of novel self-healing materials. He has cofounded a company, Vitrimark, to commercialize findings in the area of biomarker discovery.

His research topics include:

Development of new methods/tools for direct nanoscale imaging of soft and hard materials

  • Coupling of microfluidics with cryo-TEM.  Diffusion-controlled mixing provides unique window into evolving soft colloidal structures.
  • Blotless vitrification system for cryo-TEM that permits imaging of evolving systems at sub-second time scales while only exposing the sample to low shear.
  • Examination of crystal growth from supersaturated solutions
  • Collaboration with Prof. A. Tripathi, Brown University
  • Funding: NSF, RI Consortium for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Particle-stabilized ‘Pickering’ emulsions

  • Carbon black stabilized oil-in-water emulsions for oil spill remediation
  • Role of surfactant-particle interactions in formation and stability of emulsions
  • Role of particle morphology in stability of emulsions
  • Collaboration with Prof. V. John, Tulane University
  • Funding: NSF, Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

Energy storage applications – novel electrolytes and electrode materials

  • Examination of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) in lithium ion batteries using electron microscopy
  • Understanding of function/microstructure relationships in Li-ion batteries to optimize performance
  • Collaboration with Prof. B. Lucht, URI
  • Funding: DOE-EPSCOR

Graphene-polymer Composite Materials

  • Development of novel processes for isotropic dispersion of graphene into polymer melts
  • Examination of electrical and mechanical properties of composites
  • Collaboration with Profs. A. Shukla, URI, R. Hurt and A. Tripathi, Brown University.
  • Funding: RI Science and Technology Advisory Council

Self-healing concrete

  • Development of novel technologies for autonomous crack healing in concrete
  • Collaboration with Prof. R. Brown. A. Shukla, URI
  • Funding: DHS, URI Transportation Research Center, RI Consortium for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology