Become a URi-STANDer

To become a URi-STANDer:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You are interested in learning about violence prevention issues
  • Successful completion of CSV302 is mandatory
  • You must know URI’s sexual assault/sexual harassment policies and procedures as well as the Not Alone Report
  • A minimum of 2 semester commitment is required

The URi-STANDers will attend an interactive training (approximately 8 hours) offered in the beginning of each semester. In addition, twice-monthly meetings and in-service trainings will be provided. For credit, a minimum of 10 presentations, 3 weekly office hours, chairing a major project, and a 10-page written semester report is required. You must receive a minimum of 100 points each semester (See B.I. Grading Rubric). You may volunteer as a URi-STANDer, but will be held to the same standard as students receiving course credit.

How to apply:

  • All applications will be reviewed and references will be checked
  • All applicants will be interviewed prior to the start of training
  • Criminal background and judicial record checks will be conducted

Note: Completion of GWS 351, the Bystander Intervention interview and/or training is not a guarantee of acceptance into the URi-STANDer program.

URi-STANDer Application

Please complete the following application to be considered a candidate for becoming a URi-STANDer. References: At least 2 should be URI faculty or staff (Note: If you are a freshman, 2 should be high school teachers or supervisors who are familiar with your related experiences and leadership abilities.) The submission of your application serves as consent for the release of information regarding your disciplinary status from the Dean of Students Office to the URi-STANDer Program Advisor. Upon completion and clicking “SUBMIT” below, you affirm that to the best of your knowledge, the information provided below is complete and accurate. You are aware that intentional misrepresentation or falsification of information will subject you to disqualification as an applicant and/or dismissal as a URi-STANDer.


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