Computer Engineering B.S.


Computer Engineers combine hardware concepts from electrical engineering with software concepts from computer science to design better ways to route Internet traffic, improve data security and integrity, provide clear cell phone reception, and even predict the weather.

Digital computer and communication systems have transformed society in profound ways. From scientific supercomputers and embedded systems such as smart phones, to the internet of things (IoT) and smart cities, computing has become ubiquitous. The URI computer engineering program provides a strong foundation in the relevant fields of electrical engineering and computer science, while teaching the latest computer engineering topics, such as advanced computer architecture, computer network and cyber security, big data learning and processing, and field programmable gate array (FPGA).

The ELECOMP Capstone Design Program, a cornerstone of our curriculum, offers seniors a one-year immersive experience working on real-world challenges in collaboration with industrial sponsors. This program bridges academic study and professional practice, ensuring students emerge well-prepared for their careers.

Graduates from the program go on to positions in both government agencies and the private sector, or enter graduate school for further study. Many computer engineering undergraduate students work with faculty on research projects before entering graduate school.