2024-2025 Project Proposals

Project Commitments

ALCOR Scientific
Technical Director: Adam Muratori Embedded Systems Lead
Medical Devices

Technical Director: David Kortick
Product Development Manager

Boston Scientific
Technical Director: Dennis Hubbard 

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
Technical Director: Stephen A. Lawrence
Software Modeling, Analysis & Validation Group Leader

General Dynamics Electric Boat
Technical Directors: Mike Brawner 

Technical Director: Alex Tompkins

Rite Solutions 
Technical Director:  Tim Arcano, Thomas Santos, Andrew Thibaudeau, and
Josh Hubbell

Technical Director: Joe Moreira & Chris Rothwell

SeaCorp: A Kapco Defense Company
Technical Director: Bill Matsuzak, Director of Advanced Development

Technical Directors: Camilo Giraldo, Andre Costa and Zach Chofay

Technical Director: Andrew Cavanaugh

Zebra Technologies: Project I 
Technical Director: Joe Moreira & Others

Zebra Technologies: Project II
Technical Director: Joe Moreira & Others

Awaiting Project Commitments

Aerocyonics Inc.
Technical Directors: Bronn Pav, Isabella Johnson, Daniel Dimase (CEO)

EaglePicher Technologies
Technical Directors: Frank Puglia, Dan Wertz, Shaun Thurber

Hayward Industries
Technical Director: Russell Buckley

Novanta Inc. 
Technical Director: Jonathan O’Hare

Novo Nordisk Inc: Project I 
Technical Directors: John Canevari and others

Technical Directors: Bruce Torman & Hannah Morrissey

Vicor Corporation 
Technical Directors: Al Binder, Nathan Shake, Daniel Hartnett

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