ELECOMP Capstone Lab

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ELECOMP Capstone Lab

The ELECOMP Capstone Lab. is now housed in the new Fascitelli Center for Advanced Engineering (FCAE); Room 150 on the first floor. We are very excited to have this new facility. All capstone teams meet on Tuesday evenings to work on their projects. Fridays, many teams travel to the location of their sponsoring company in order to work closely with the business and utilize resources available on-site; the remaining teams meet in the lab. The lab is available 24 hours a day to the capstone teams – giving students the resources and space needed to see their projects succeed.

The ELECOMP Capstone Lab is also equipped with newly purchased engineering equipment; top-of-the-line 3D printers capable of prototyping with plastic-metal composite filaments, printer circuit board printers to realize circuit schematics, and high-power data acquisition units and power systems to test even the most demanding systems. 

The University of Rhode Island’s 12th President, Marc Parlange, visited the ELECOMP Capstone Design Program on Tuesday, February 21. President Parlange was able to view project demonstrations and discuss project implications with Senior Capstone Designers. Photographs below taken by Michael Salerno Photography. 

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