Past Projects 2018-2019


Team Acumentrics – Acumentrics, Inc.
AcuBMS – Battery Management System for Rechargeable Lithium-Based Batteries

Team AVTECH – AVTECH Software, Inc.
Digital Particulate Sensor for Room Alert

Team Bosch – Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation
HVAC Failure Simulation – HVAC Equipment Data Analysis and Failure Simulation

Team Cambridge – Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Motion Control – Stepper Motor Motion Control for Scan System

Team eMoney – eMoney Advisor, LLC
Application Deployment Tracking System

Team FarSounder – FarSounder, Inc.
Roll/Pitch Sensor – Roll Pitch Measurement for Sonar Geo Reference

Team FM – FM Approvals
LumiNotify – Automated Light Intensity Measurement for Visual Notification Appliances

Team General – Dynamic Electric Boat – General Dynamics Electric Boat
Digital Twin – Digital Component Replication and Predictive Maintenance

Team Hasbro – Hasbro, Inc.
Project ANDROID – Computer Vision System for Reading N-Sided Dice

Team Hexagon – Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Cobot – Optimization of a Cobot Loading System

Team IGT – IGT Global Solutions
Headless Terminal – Transaction Processing via Speech

Team Infineon- Infineon Technologies
GEN-2 SPEC Tester (System Power Extended Cycling)

Team Iradion 1 – Iradion Laser, Inc
AutoLase II – Automatic Laser Optimization and Production

Team Iradion 2 – Iradion Laser, Inc
LASIMO – Laser Simulation and Optimization

Team ONSemi 1 – ON Semiconductor
Bench Automation Design for Estimation of Transient Thermal Resistance

Team ONSemi 2 – ON Semiconductor
Switch Mode Power Supply Small Signal Design Development Tool

Team PEC – Phoenix Electrical Corporation
FiberControl – Fiber Optics Design High Voltage Equipment Control System Interface

Team Pison – Pison Technology
PiOS – Pison iOS Integration

Team Raytheon – Raytheon Company
Digital Reference Hydrophone – Digital Reference Hydrophone for Acoustic System Test

Team SESA – SES America
BOSCON – Blank Out Sign Connectivity Over Cellular Network

Team Supfina – Supfina Machine Company, Inc
Project Superfinish – Full-Production Superfinishing Machine

Team Taco – Taco, Inc
CPC – Cellular Pump Control

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