Past Projects 2019-2020


Team Acumentrics FaultLine – Acumentrics, Inc.
Power Signature Analysis for Fault Detection and Predictive Maintenance

Team Acumentrics Volta – Acumentrics, Inc.
Automated Variable Load Testing of HV DC Output Boards

Team Analogic – Analogic Corporation
Software Development of Thermal and Electrical Model for MRI Gradient Amplifiers

Team Cambridge – Cambridge Technology
Polygon Scan Head Integration with System Controller

Team EMoney – EMoney Advisor
RU Ready – Backlog Refinement tool

Team FM – FM Approvals
Automated Response Time Measurement for Gas Detection Equipment

Team GDEB – General Dynamics Electric Boat
Digital Component Replication and Predictive Maintenance

Team Hexagon – Hexagon Manufacturing
Part Identification and Post-Processing Using A Collaborative Robot

Team IGT – IGT Global Solutions Corporation
Touchpoint Companions

Team Iradion – Iradion Laser
Automated Optical Inspection of Laser Components

Team On Semi – On Semiconductor
Power Output Driver Automated System for Integrated Circuits Over Time

Team PEC– Phoenix Electric Corporation
Fiber Optic Annunciator

Team Taco – Taco Comfort Solutions
VPWM – Voltage to PWM Converter

Team Teknor Apex – Teknor Apex
Extruder Zone Heat and Cool with PLC Control

Team TSRgrow – TSRgrow
Automated Spectral Data Acquisition and Analyzer

Team Vicor – Vicor Corporation
Low Cost Desktop Design Evaluation System

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