Past Projects 2020-2021


Team Acumentrics FaultLine – Acumentrics, Inc.
FaultLine – SmartPDU1 Fault Detection Unit Integration

Team Acumentrics N-Plus – Acumentrics, Inc.
N-Plus – Optimization of Parallel UPS Operation

Team EaglePicher AM-BATS – EaglePicher Technologies
AM-BATS – Advanced Modular Battery System

Team EaglePicher BE-SAFE – EaglePicher Technologies
BE-SAFE – Battery Event Safety Alarm Fixture

Team FarSounder – FarSounder, Inc.
Network Control Signaling – Precise Timing via Ethernet

Team GDEB – General Dynamics Electric Boat
Commercial Off-the-Shelf Design of a Digital and Analog I/O Acquisition System

Team Hexagon – Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
PartID-2 – Part Identification and Post-Processing using a Collaborative Robot

Team In-Depth – In-Depth Engineering
TRAINN – Track Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Neural Network

Team Infineon – Infineon Technologies
Programmable Load Slammer

Team iXblue GAPS-COMM – iXblue Defense Systems, Inc.
GAPS-COMM – Cooperative Acoustic Positioning System

Team iXblue GNSS – iXblue Defense Systems, Inc.
Precise Point Positioning GNSS Receiver

Team PEC– Phoenix Electric Corporation
Fiber Optic Annunciator

Drones and the Bay – Detecting Wave Velocity Fields using UAS / Determining the Largest Wave Velocities in the Bay

Team Rite-Solutions Undersea – Rite-Solutions, Inc.
Applying Machine Learning Research for Undersea/Submerged Object Detection

Team Rite-Solutions AutoML – Rite-Solutions, Inc.
Utilizing AutoML for a Standalone Ship Classification System

Team Supfina – Supfina Machine Company, Inc.
Data Collection using IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Team Seascan – Seascan Inc.
VTMS – Vacuum and Temperature Monitoring System

Team Taco BLE-TSTAT – Taco Comfort Solutions
BLE-TSTAT – Two-Wire BLE Thermostat Adapter

Team Taco SPBBTR – Taco Comfort Solutions
SPBBTR – SmartPlug Bluetooth Button Transmitter and Receiver

Team URI MiniDrone – URI Intelligent Control & Robotics Lab
MiniDrone –  A Miniature Drone for Swarm Robotics

Team URI RoboGripper – URI Intelligent Control & Robotics Lab
RoboGripper –  A Force Sensing Gripper for Sawyer Robotic Arm

Team Vicor – Vicor Corporation
Hardware Checker for Probe Test Fixture

Team XMOS – XMOS Ltd.
Plate Reader – License Plate Camera and Reader

Team Zebra – Zebra Technologies
Torque Measurement – Printer Realtime Torque Measurement

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