Special Skills Possessed By Students

ele based skillsDSC_0155

-PCB Design and Layout

-Cadsoft Eagle

-Electrician work/Power Electronics

-IAR Embedded Workbench

-LT spice

-Systems engineering experience

-Automated test and re-test software

cpe based skillsDSC_0189

-Apple Xcode

-IT skills

-Java programming

-Source code debugging

-Cyber security experience

-Experience with cryptographic algorithms

-PIC microcontrollers and MPLabX IDE

-Experience in machine learning (AI)

-Computer hardware assembly/repair

-Raspberry Pi

-MIPS Assembly Programming

-Linux Ubuntu

common skills Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 6.20.06 PM



-iPhone and iPad repair

-iOS application design

-Designing parts for 3D printing

-Adobe Photoshop

-Embedded systems experience

-Digital signal processing and AD/DA converters

-Android application design

other skills


-Welding/metal fabrication

-Automotive repair

-Plumbing experience

-Live sound engineering

-Audio recording

-Machine shop Equipment