Environmental Engineering Minor

Environmental engineering involves the study of clean water, clean air, waste management, and preservation of resources in ways that minimize effects on our planet.

Only engineering students may pursue this minor. Students declaring this minor must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 in courses counted toward the minor. Students will need to complete the Environmental Engineering Minor Form and have it signed by the Environmental Engineering Minor coordinator, Dr. Ali Akanda. The form then needs to be brought to the College of Engineering Dean’s Office for formal declaration and inclusion in your student file. Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisite requirements for individual courses, as applicable.

Course Requirements

Fundamental Science (Select 2 courses)

MCE 341, CHE 212, CHM 112, CHM 227

Environmental Engineering Fundamentals (Required for non-CVE students)

CVE 370 or 470 (choose one) and CVE 374

Environmental Engineering Design (Select up to 4 courses)

CVE 323G, CVE 325G, CVE 470, CVE 471, CVE 474, CVE 475, CVE 477, CVE 482, CVE 484, CVE 491, CVE 492

Supporting Courses (May select 1 course)

CHE 364, CHE 574, CPL/LAR 434, CPL 485, EEC 430, GEO 305, GEO 462, GEO 483, ISE 460, NRS 409, NRS 410, NRS 412, NRS 415, NRS 461, OCG 480