Zhihua Wang


Zhihua Wang is a Ph.D. student in English at the University of Rhode Island. She received her BA in Writing and English from Drury University in Missouri and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Arkansas. Her interests include poetry, translation, and pedagogy. Her work has appeared in Aji, Last Leaves, Across the Margin, Eunoia Review, and elsewhere.

Selected Publications

“Water” Whisky Blot, 2023
“Blinds,” “Cherries,” and “Poetry” Poetry Super Highway, 2023
“An MFA Student from China” Salamander Magazine, forthcoming
“Tucker Creek Trail” and “Modern Technology Illusions” Eunoia Review, 2023
“Pen,” “My Reflection,” and “Life” Across the Margin, 2022“My Sleep” The Curator, 2022
“The Last Day of Summer” San Pedro River Review, 2022
“My Tomato Vines,” “Jujubes,” and “My Old Potted Money Tree” Last Leaves, 2022
“Wet Floor,” “To My Surgeon,” and “The Nature Inside Me” Aji Magazine, 2022