Graduate Certificate in Econometrics and Data Analysis


The Graduate Certificate in Econometrics and Data Analysis (EDA) program is a three-course, 12-credit program which can be completed either on campus or online in as little as 9 months. You will study and work with like-minded colleagues and professors in order to get the most out of the program and improve skills for your future career. This program will enhance career opportunities by developing your econometric, data processing, database management, and coding skills, preparing you to excel in the data analytics field. Graduates will be able to apply advanced statistical methods to economic and financial problems with a wide range of applications related to public policy, economic development, environmental and natural resource management, agriculture, energy, political science, and many other fields.

How will you earn your EDA?

Online: As an online EDA student, you can earn your certificate in as little as a year or as many as two years, while receiving the same education, resources, and opportunities as your online counterparts. Our online platform allows students to interact with each other and instructors through message boards and review sessions. Working however best fits your lifestyle, you will also submit tests, complete homework assignments, watch lectures, and receive course alerts through our online system. There will also be dedicated online support via a Ph.D. student who has expertise with the material. 

In-Person: URI’s Kingston campus provides an ideal collaborative learning environment with a great network of resources and academic opportunities. It offers spaces for career learning, coaching, and networking events. There is a Graduate Writing Center to take advantage of as well as Professional Development Services. You will also be able to collaborate and partner with fellow students in person and join an enriching community of Masters and Ph.D. students focused on econometrics and data analysis as well as other fields.

Flexibility: If your schedule demands flexibility to accommodate work, or a planned commitment you can

  • Complete your first semester online and come back for the spring semester on campus at Kingston
  • Complete your first semester on campus and finish online
Skills in econometrics and machine learning are incredibly valuable with the increasing availability of real-time, complex, large datasets. This certificate offers students the ability to analyze large and connected datasets to gain valuable insights, inform decision-making across industries and government agencies, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market.
Pengfei Liu, Associate Professor, URI