Sustainable Food and Agriculture

In coming decades, climate change will present destabilizing factor as the world’s demand for food increases. Researchers at URI are studying water policy, the impacts of biofuels adoption on food and water prices, and the externalities such as the avian flu and animal disease as well as developing new techniques for assessing risk and understanding the economic value of agriculture.


Assistant Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Selected Publications

Liu, P. and X. Tian (2021) Downward Hypothetical Bias in the Willingness to Accept Measure for Private Goods: Evidence from a Field Experiment. American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Liu, P., L. Hou, D. Li, S. Min, and Y. Mu (2021) Determinants of Livestock Insurance Demand: Experimental Evidence from Chinese Herders. Journal of Agricultural Economics. 

Hou, L., P. Liu, J. Huang, and X. Deng (2020) The Influence of Behavioral Preference, Knowledge, Land Consolidation, and Landscape Diversification on Pesticide Use. Agricultural Economics.

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