Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Behavioral economics uses variants of traditional economic assumptions, often with a psychological motivation, to explain and predict behavior, and to provide policy prescriptions. Experimental economics tests economic theory predictions with human subjects in a laboratory setting and can be used to design better policies.


Associate Professor, Director of the SimLab

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Assistant Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Department Chair and Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Selected Publications

Li, Z., P. Liu, and S. Swallow (2022) The Performance of Multi-Type Environmental Credit Trading Markets: Lab Experiment Evidence. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Liu, P. and S. Swallow (2021) Incentive Compatibility and the Consequences when it is Missing: Experiments with Water Quality Credits Purchase. Land Economics.

Liu, P. (2021) Balancing Cost-Effectiveness and Incentive Properties in Conservation Auctions: Experimental Evidence from Three Multi-Award Reverse Auction Mechanisms. Environmental and Resource Economics.

Wakamatsu, M., C.M. Anderson, and H. Uchida (2021) Revenue sharing and social capital in community-based resource management: Empirical evidence from Japanese surf-clam fisheries. Land Economics 97(2): 455-475

Liu, P. and S. Swallow (2019) Multi-Units Public Good Provision Using Individualized Price Auction: Experimental Evidences.  Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 

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