Environment and Development

Researchers examine the economics of natural resource management policies in the developing world, and how people respond to institutions and policies for rural development and natural resource management. They also study the economic value that people place on environmental amenities, the economic impacts of renewable energy development, and what factors contribute to awareness about climate change.


Associate Professor, Director of the SimLab

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Professor, Graduate Program Director

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Department Chair and Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Professor | Associate Director, Coastal Institute

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Selected publications

Refulio, S., S. Basu, T. Dalton, A. Humphries, K. Lacasse, H. Uchida, and E. Uchida (2021) Coastal and Marine Socio-Ecological Systems: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Frontiers in Marine Science 8.

Uchida, E., V.H. Rivera-Monroy, S. Ates, E. CastaƱeda-Moya, A.J. Gold, T. Guilfoos, M.F. Hernandez, R. Lokina, M.M. Mangora, S.R. Midway, C. McNally, M.J. Polito, M. Robertson, R.V. Rohli, H. Uchida, L. West, and X. Zhao (2019) “Collaborative research across boundaries: Mangrove ecosystem services and poverty traps as a coupled natural-human system”. In Stephen Perz, Ed. Collaboration Across Boundaries for Interdisciplinary Environmental Systems Science. Palgrave Macmillan. 115-152. 

Sullivan, K. A., E. Uchida, T.W. Sproul, and J. Xu (2018) Prospect theory and tenure reform: impacts on forest management. Land Economics, 94(3): 405-424

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