Non-Market Valuation

We empirically estimate the value people place on goods and services that are not transacted in typical market settings. For example, people value clean water in lakes for recreation, but clean water is a public good that cannot be bought by an individual. However, by examining choices people make, such as residential location or recreation destinations, the implicit value can be estimated. The valuation can then be incorporated into benefit-cost analysis and inform policy decisions


Professor, Graduate Program Director

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Assistant Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Selected Publications

Boslett, A., T. Guilfoos, and C. Lang (2019) Valuation of the external costs of unconventional oil and gas development: The critical importance of mineral rights ownership. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 6(3): 531-561.

Bento, A., M. Freedman, and C. Lang (2015) Who benefits from environmental regulation? Evidence from the Clean Air Act Amendments. Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(3): 610-622.