This section includes a variety of food safety curricula materials which are available for purchase from the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension Food Safety Education Program.

Curriculum for Special Needs Students

Please click on the titles or icons to download the presentations or PDFs.  Curricula can also be purchased at a cost of $65 (includes video).  Click here to download a copy of the curricula order form.

Illustrations of Microbial Growth

Food Safety Smart Curriculum

Food Safety Smart – Foodservice

In-Service Teacher Training

Be Food Safety Smart – Curriculum Questions

 Be Food Safety Smart – Video

 Food Safety Smart – Curriculum Demonstration Pictures

Non-Thermal Food Processing: Information for Industry

Non‐Thermal or Alternative Food Processing Methods to Enhance Microbial Safety and Quality

 Non-Thermal or Alternative Processing of Produce and Shellfish: Safe to Eat Without Heat

 Exploring Specific Non-Thermal Processes to Enhance the Safety of Produce and Shellfish