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  • Seafood Safety Savvy:  A HACCP Update – A newsletter that is produced 1-2 times per year by Cooperative Extension and Sea Grant Programs at the University of Rhode Island and the Connecticut Sea Grant College Program at the University of Connecticut. Seafood HACCP is an evolving process and when something new happens, expect a new newsletter. The newsletter contains information on current issues that impact seafood safety and functions as an update for seafood processors about any important changes that would impact the way they do business – from HAACP to sanitation to labeling to food security – and any FDA HACCP implementation revisions.

Molluscan Shellfish Safety and Quality Guidelines


Non-Thermal Food Processing: Information for Industry

Non‐Thermal or Alternative Food Processing Methods to Enhance Microbial Safety and Quality

Non-Thermal or Alternative Processing of Produce and Shellfish: Safe to Eat Without Heat

 Exploring Specific Non-Thermal Processes to Enhance the Safety of Produce and Shellfish


RI Department of Health




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