Mission Statement


Our vision is to provide a comprehensive system of support for science education that prepares RI students to enact positive environmental and social change that will create more just and sustainable local and global communities in which we all thrive.


The mission of the GEMS-Net Partnership is to research and support high-quality, science teaching and learning that leverages the assets and strengths of all students.

Values and Beliefs

  • Embrace Collaboration
    • We cultivate meaningful relationships because partnerships are based on mutual respect and trust. 
    • We involve families, educators at all levels, non-formal educators, and STEM researchers in our work because a comprehensive system of support takes a variety of expertise.
  • Ensure Excellence
    • We engage in research about our work because continuous improvement and sharing what we learn with others is important.
    • We commit to high-quality and ongoing professional learning for all teachers because effective STEM teaching is hard, and all professionals deserve support to improve their practice.
  • Expect Equity
    • We ensure all teachers receive support in using equitable teaching practices because we need every students’ knowledge and ideas to move our thinking forward. 
    • We connect our programming to local spaces and communities because all students deserve to learn things that are relevant to their lives. 
    • We provide opportunities to explore a wide variety of STEM college and career pathways because all students deserve the chance to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.
    • We prioritize the contributions of all students because all students have unique strengths that can make our communities more sustainable and just.