Graduate Certificate in Hydrology


The URI Graduate Certificate in Hydrology provides students and working professionals specialized education and advanced training in the practice and processes that affect the availability and quality of groundwater- and surface water resources.  These hydrologic processes influence management decisions and influence ecosystems, human health and economic vitality

On completion of the hydrology graduate certificate, students will have the knowledge and skills to

  • Understand water resources in the region, the USA, and the world in the context of the complex interplay between climate, land use, geology, soils and human demands.
  • Integrate information required to develop hydrologic analysis of water issues.
  • Appreciate the relationships between raw data and their interpretation(s), and how lack of knowledge or uncertain knowledge influence decision making relevant to water.
  • Critically analyze quantitative and qualitative data relevant to water quality, use and management.
  • Manipulate quantitative data and develop conceptual models of complex systems.

After completing the URI Hydrology Certificate program, you will have the opportunity to use your newly acquired skills in class projects and specialty courses such as modeling watersheds or devising remediation strategies for polluted water resources.