Improving people’s lives never gets old

With the number of older adults in the U.S. increasing dramatically, gerontology is becoming one of the true “growth careers” of the present and future. By the year 2030, roughly 20% of the US population will be 65 and older, so some of the greatest areas of need are projected to be in the fields of human services and the health professions.

No matter what your major or field of study is at URI, taking courses in gerontology will help to enhance your knowledge and understanding of this rapidly growing older adult population. This knowledge might help you:

  • develop a better product and market it more effectively
  • create more responsive technology
  • design a better house
  • plan a better community
  • manage a better health care facility
  • teach more effectively
  • promote better public policy
  • provide better health care
  • advocate for older clients
  • engage in research that will impact the lives of millions