If you are a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, or Administrative Assistant at the University of Rhode Island, you are required to complete Title IX Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training.

You can complete the training either:

  • through your confirmed participation and attendance at the Title IX session of the TA Training Workshop on August 30 or by reviewing that session on the TA Training Brightspace module. Register for TA Training HERE. Or,
  • via a 1 hour Mosaic course run by the university, also on Brightspace.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. The U.S. Department of Education recently issued new regulations governing compliance with Title IX on the prevention of sexual misconduct. To ensure the University is fully compliant with the new regulations and to refresh everyone’s understanding of what constitutes sexual misconduct, all university employees are required to complete sexual misconduct prevention training. You can do that either by attending the 1-hour TA Training session on August 30 or reviewing that session on the TA Training Brightspace module, or you can complete a 1 hour Mosaic course through Brightspace.

You can join us on August 30, for live TA Training and attend the Title IX session. If, alternatively, you decide to do the Mosaic course, you can go to Brightspace and you will appear as a pre-registered learner in the course which will show up in the “My Courses” section of Brightspace. If you prefer to complete the training on your smartphone or tablet, Brightspace courses can also be accessed through the RhodyConnect app, available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.