23rd EGM participants widely covered the north-east region!

The 23rd Eastern Gravity Meeting was held at URI on June 9th and 10th. This annual regional meeting is open to researchers of all levels, from undergraduate students to faculty, in all areas of gravitational physics, including classical, quantum, theory, observation, and computation. The purpose of the conference is to encourage the interaction of researchers in the Northeastern region, although participants from all regions are welcomed.

The meeting had nearly ~40 participants and ~30 presentations covering topics widely ranging from quantum gravity to gravitational wave data analysis. Full details can be found here. Participants came from a wide geographical region in the north-east region including NC, PA, NJ, NY, RI, MA, NH and ME. In addition, some participants came from much further away included IL, SD and even Canada and Japan.

We thank all the participants for coming to URI and making the meeting a huge success. And we thank all the members of the local U2GRC organizing team for planning and holding the event flawlessly.