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What Students are Saying…

Male student response to GWS 150: Introduction to Gender and Women’s StudiesSpring 2011: “It is instances like those where I say to myself, How did I even hold girls to such a low standard prior to this course?’”

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“No matter how hard a woman works at their job. They don’t get the same treatment as men”.

“My mother’s and my sister’s and my own work around the house should not be laughable and thought of as “nothing” – as they are usually portrayed; and our chores should not be solely ours, but should be all members- there needs to be less division between a “real job” and an “at-home-job”.

“When my parents went out, I had to do house-hold chores, because I’m a woman and oldest”.

The problem: Unpaid Care Work without which the “real workers” cannot get on with it.

“In my personal life, I feel as though the way women are judged because of their outward appearance is not right and personal effort to try to get to know someone should be put forth. My sex is not all of me. I wish people will look beyond my physical sex and see the real worth of a person”.

The problem: Objectification of women, taken to phenomenal proportion in media and the corporate “profiteering” capitalist world.

I feel like women/girls growing up should not be discriminated against for playing sports. Much of my God-given ability has been restrained by streamlining “appropriate sports” for boys and girls”

The problem: Gender role stereotype — quite limiting of individual’s innate (human) potentials, regardless of sex, and shortchanging females’ contribution to their world.

More statements made by Students of International Women’s Issues (GWS 325) on behalf of Women of the World


“I truly believe everyone should be required to take this or another GWS course. I believe these classes are so relevant to everyone’s life and teach important concepts about gender and equality throughout the world.  These classes also preach tolerance and understanding of gender constructs and about diverse cultures and different ways of life. Additionally, I think each student will have their own impact on the course as well, especially this class, where so much of the class is experience based and open discussion.”

“Most classes are very systematic. Go to class; open your ‘boring’ reading, have a class discussion, and leave. This is just what I expected from this class, just like all my other classes. But when reading these many articles, it absolutely sparks an interest. Some articles make you think while others make you feel.” – Katherine


“In the past, when I would read an article or statistic that I found to be distasteful, I would think ‘someone should really do something about that.’ This course has taught me how common that thought process is and that for any real change that someone has to be you.” – Michael


“I can’t watch a music video or watch television without the raging feminist inside me crying. Everyone I know no knows that Dove is owned by the same company as Axe body spray and they now see right through those ‘natural women’ commercials.” – Zane


“From my experience in taking this course, I will definitely say, do not be discouraged to take Women’s Studies if you are a male, or do not believe feminist theories. Although it seems like a feminist course that only pertains to women, it is not. This course not only talks about feminism beliefs, but it talks about world issues and topics that can affect anyone.” – Louie


“As a writer I have learned to expand and share my thoughts openly, as the articles in class have influenced me to speak out loud in what I support and do no support. Most importantly I have learned to walk out of this class knowing that I can and will take responsibility of myself and make the difference in the world.” – Victoria


“As a senior, in my undergraduate career, I have now completed all of my general education requirements; this class was the only one to essentially help me, and teach me to apply the knowledge I gain to all aspects of my life.” – Allison


“Taking this class has not only made me more aware, but also more passionate about the subjects. I had the best conversations in this class over any other lass, and with such a diverse group. I was really able to think deeper about a lot issues and go back through my mind and recognize times I was unaware I was being treated unfairly or in an unfair situation.”

– Lauren


“I learned how to become active in my community, and that a little kindness can go a long way. It is much easier to see how one action project can have a positive effect on campus in less than a month’s time Being able to do something simple to help many people out is something I hope to do on a daily basis now.” – Brandon


“I can honestly say I have learned a lot this semester from Women’s Studies. Originally coming into this class I did not know much about Women’s Studies or feminism, and I was of the many that thought this class was going to be about bashing on the male gender. However, I now know that that is completely off base and one of the major things that I learned was what feminism meant.” – Kayla


“This class opened my eyes into subjects that would have never been noticed before taking this class.” – Kaitlyn


“This became my favorite course out of the five I have taken this semester.” – Amanda


“Women as well as men should take this course because it does not just touch upon women and feminist issues, it also covers broader issues involving poverty, crime, the environment, gender roles, marriage, and the media” – Brianna


“I think most of the class was shocked to hear that a man could even be feminist: anyone who believes that women should be treated equally in social, economical, and political aspects. I can proudly say I am a feminist.” – Jacklyn


“During my education, I found only two courses to truly change my life, the first includes my senior year College Writing course, the second, Women’s Studies. Truly, this course has shared a profound impact on my life. This relates not solely limited toward issues facing women, but all people in general. My perception of this would remains changed. No longer must I consider matter black and white, because Women’s Studies has exposed the gray area of which we far too often ignore. In fact this gray area seem like a place in which we allshould live. I want to express my deep gratitude for partaking in such a life changing experience. I remain a better, more informed, and responsible servant to this world, one in which I will now proudly say, ‘I am a feminist for humanity.'” – Jacob


“This course has not been relatable to any other courses I have taken. Although other courses have required me to do some research, none of them gave me a step-by-step library treasure hunt to make me learn how to search correctly. I have found new ways to research an it has honestly made my student life easier.” – Christina


“I am so glad for all the things I have learned this semester. I can’t remember the last time a class has taught me so much and actually changed my way of thinking for the better.” – Jordan


“I feel that I have gathered a deeper understanding about the world I live in. I feel that I understand the hierarchical society I live in better. Of course, this makes me want to do something, I’m just not sure what yet.” – Hope

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