Philanthropic Events

Philanthropic events organized by University of Rhode Island affiliated groups, student staff and/or residents, held on residential premises, are done so outside the purview of the Department of Housing and Residential Life (HRL). While HRL acknowledges that said events may occur on premises, HRL assumes no responsibility, association or oversight of any event of any kind. Furthermore, HRL operates as a cash free business entity; any fundraising efforts involving cash or other tangible goods will be solely managed by the aforementioned sponsoring group. HRL reserves the right to refuse, cancel or suspend a donation/collection request at any time and for any reason.


An individual or group requesting a collection or drive must fill out the request form. The Coordinator of Educational Programs will review requests and respond via email within 3 business days.

Best Practices

  • Collection Bins in the Residence Halls (book drives, clothing drives, etc)
    Donation bins may only be placed in Residence Halls by URI Organizations or affiliated individuals. Outside organizations may not place bins in the Residence Halls without a URI sponsor.
  • Permission must be requested on the HRL website. All requests will be reviewed and a response provided via email.
  • The sponsor is responsible for dropping off the bin and picking up the bin within two weeks of the drop off.
  • Tangible goods collection bins should be secured or emptied frequently and an inventory of items should be maintained.
  • HRL is not responsible for the contents of the bins- including any materials that may be placed in them (i.e. garbage) or contents disappearing from the bins.
  • Prior to approving a donation drive, HRL will consult with the Food and Housing Security Coordinator to approve collectible items for the Rhody Outpost Food Pantry. As the campus pantry needs often differ from those of the larger community, canned goods are not requested. Exceptions: Tuna fish and soup.

If you wish to do a cash collection, HRL will provide you with a reference of relevant University policies.

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