Humanities Living and Learning Community

The Humanities Living and Learning Community (LLC) is similar to the Fine Arts and Design LLC as both are in the College of Arts and Sciences and provide first-year students with a living environment that promotes personal growth, academic success, and a smooth transition from high school to college. This LLC focuses on the following cornerstones:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming community among Humanities majors to give them a place to belong and grow
  • Cultivating connections among students and faculty who share a passion for culture, language, history, literature, and philosophy
  • Celebrating the joys of reading, writing, and artistic pursuits for personal and academic enrichment
  • Offering programming that assures and inspires a diverse array of career options
  • Connecting with the Fine Arts and Design LLC to explore shared interests and opportunities

See an overview of LLCs at URI


Incoming first-year students admitted with majors in English, History, Languages, and Philosophy who request on-campus housing are automatically eligible for assignment to the LLC residence hall. Learn more about Living and Learning Community housing assignments.

Programming and Traditions

Here are a few examples of programs that will be offered:

  • Doughnuts and Departments
  • Clubs, Caramel, Cider: Introduction to related student organizations
  • Registration Is a Piece of Cake: Get help from faculty and advisors as you sign up for classes
  • Peer Study Groups and Peer Tutoring
  • Access to a “free library” in the residence hall that contains a rotating set of literary, historical, and philosophical books
  • Chances to practice foreign language skills with others
  • Opportunities for field trips to museums, libraries, art galleries, and historical exhibits

Staff and Contacts

Resident Academic Mentor (RAM)

Meli Susana

Major: Spanish and World Language Education

Class Year: 2026

Hometown: Providence, RI

Academic Partner

Alana Bibeau, Assistant Professor Sociology