HDF Seniors – Internship Information Sessions

Online Information Sessions for Senior Internship Spring 2022

November 10, Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm, online, https://rhody.webex.com/meet/pcpenuri.edu

November 30, Tuesday, 5:00-6:00pm, online, https://rhody.webex.com/meet/pcpenuri.edu

During the sessions, we will discuss internship sites, contacts, registration paperwork, internship hours, credits, HDF 481 seminar dates, and answer any student questions.

HDF 480 and HDF 481

HDF 480 Field Experiences in Common Agencies (variable credit 6-12credits)

HDF 481 Field Experience Seminar & Reflection (2 credits)

Requirements to register for HDF 480/481:

  • must have 90 credits by the end of this semester
  • must have completed 2 early fields (HDF 306 or HDF 308 (was HDF 203) AND HDF 310 or HDF 312 or HDF 314)

HDF seniors must secure an internship and fill out registration paperwork to obtain permission numbers by December 31.

No permission numbers are given unless the registration paperwork is complete. Registration paperwork with instructions can be found on the HDF website here:


Email Phyllis Penhallow with questions pcpen@uri.edu