HDF as a Double Major

Did you know that the Human Development and Family Science major is an excellent complementary double major with most other disciplines at URI?

For students who are interested in the double major, HDF has created built-in course substitutions to make the double major possible.

Why HDF as a Double Major?

Adding HDF as a double major will give students an understanding of how:

  • people grow, develop and change across the lifespan
  • to build relationships, rapport and work with people
  • unique life experiences impact health and wellness

The HDF major is an excellent complement to many majors. For example,

  • Psychology majors will benefit from taking classes in child development and older adulthood which emphasizes growth over time and developmental theories
  • Sociology majors will be prepared for graduate studies in Social Work.
    • The HDF/SOC double major is highly recommended for students interested in a career in Social Work
  • Communicative Disorders, Education and Health Studies majors will benefit from understanding normative development across the lifespan

HDF double majors will also receive priority enrollment in the upper level HDF courses which are favorites among students.

Advising for the Double Major

If you are interested in double majoring, you should meet with the appropriate advisor to discuss your program of study.

Course substitutions

Please note that although the substitutions below are commonly accepted, you will not see them in eCampus until:

  1. the courses have been approved by the HDF department
  2. you apply for graduation and complete your Intent to Graduate
  3. the CHS Dean’s Office verifies that you are on track to finish both of your majors
HDF course*
HDF200: Lifespan IPSY232
HDF202: Research in HDFPSY301 (other discipline specific Research Methods courses that teach APA style will be considered)
HDF480 Senior Internship (6-12 credits)Can substitute with comparable student teaching, rotation or senior internship from the other major.

*All other HDF courses must be completed as outlined on the HDF curriculum sheet