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Undergraduate Advising Guide

Advising FAQ

What are the requirements for being admitted to the Human Development and Family Studies degree program?

To transfer out of University College and be admitted to HDF, you must complete following courses with an overall GPA of 2.00 or better, prior to acceptance:

  1. HDF 200 or HDF 201
  2. 3 credit General Education course in Social & Behavioral Science (A2)
  3. 3 credit  General Education course in Writing Effectively (B1)
  4. 3 credit General Education  course in Mathematical Strategies (B3)

Your GPA is listed at the bottom of your unofficial transcript. In addition, you can calculate your GPA by going to Academic Calculator on the University College web site.

How many credits do I need to complete my HDF degree?
The HDF major is 120 credits. Therefore, to graduate in 4 years, you must take 30 credits per year (fall, spring, J term, and/or summer).

Is there a recommended sequence for taking courses?

  • Consult the General Education Courses booklet when choosing courses for general requirements. Take the required Gen Eds in your first year. Take HDF 200(Fall) or HDF 201(Spring) your first or second year.
  • Once you are admitted to the major, take HDF 202, Research Methods which is a pre-req for most upper level HDF classes.

What is the best way to keep track of my progress in completing course requirements?
Follow the curriculum sheet (also called the academic map) for the year that you entered URI. HDF curriculum sheets for the current academic year, as well as previous years, are available on  URI’s Academic Advising website.

If I want to apply for the Early Childhood Certification program what do I need to do?
If you are an HDF major who is seeking early childhood certification (pre K through grade 2), you must take HDF 203 your sophomore year (either fall or spring semester). Also, you must apply to the early childhood certificate program through the School of Education (you are still an HDF major). There are several requirements for applying to this program so it is essential that you go to the School of Education web site for all the application information. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 to apply. Application deadlines are typically the 4th week of January.

Will I have an academic faculty advisor?

  • When you get your admittance letter to HSS you are automatically assigned an HDF advisor. The name of the professor and his/her e-mail address is listed in this letter. The best way to make an appointment is to contact your advisor by e-mail. Don’t know who your advisor is?
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to go over your academic plan. Meet with your advisor regularly. Always bring your curriculum sheet with you for an advising appointment.

Can I concentrate in certain areas of Human Development?

  • As juniors, HDF majors can choose to concentrate in one of three areas. They are Child Settings (birth through adolescence, Family and Community Settings (the entire life span), and Family Finance (financial planning over the life span). If you enjoy the core experience course, HDF 205 Family Financial Issues Across the Life Span, you should consider Family Finance.
  • In your junior year you will also complete an early field experience in two areas of the life span as part of your course selections. You should talk with your advisor about this.

How do I plan for my senior field work requirement?
As a senior you will complete a more intensive field work placement. Please consult the Field Experience guide for more information on how to do this.

Can I minor in another area as an HDF major?
Students in HDF can easily minor in another area because the HDF major allows 17-31 credits of free electives. These free electives can be the courses you choose for your 18 credits of a minor. You must see an advisor in the minor you are seeking as well as an HDF advisor to help you plan this.

Do I need to fill out any forms before graduating?

The Intent to Graduate form should be submitted to the dean’s office by October 15th for May graduation, November 15th for August graduation or April 15th for December graduation.  Take a completed, signed form and a completed HDF Curriculum worksheet to your academic advisor for his/her signature. After submitting this form you will receive your official graduation audit.  Be sure to sign and return one copy of the audit to the dean’s office.


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