HDF Writing Support Tutors

The HDF Writing Support Team is here to help you tackle any of your HDF writing assignments. The tutors all have strong research and writing skills and can help you break down term papers into manageable chunks. There are office hours Sunday through Thursday to help students with finding sources, APA formatting, proper citations, and […]

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HDF student Ali Hornung dedicated to easing scourge of childhood cancer

Ali Hornung Even while triple majoring at URI, Hornung founded and runs Glimmer of Hope Foundation Few college students would embrace the demands required of a triple-major, especially one with three very diverse majors in three different colleges. How many would embrace those demands while simultaneously running an international foundation dedicated to advocating for and […]

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HDF Seniors – Internship Information Sessions

Online Information Sessions for Senior Internship Spring 2022 November 10, Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm, online, https://rhody.webex.com/meet/pcpenuri.edu November 30, Tuesday, 5:00-6:00pm, online, https://rhody.webex.com/meet/pcpenuri.edu During the sessions, we will discuss internship sites, contacts, registration paperwork, internship hours, credits, HDF 481 seminar dates, and answer any student questions. HDF 480 and HDF 481 HDF 480 Field Experiences in Common Agencies […]

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