The Way Forward

Camille W. Dance & Co.
Talk: Tuesday, March 26th, 4pm; Hope Room & Livestreamed

Performance: Wednesday, March 27th, 7pm; Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, Room B100 & Livestreamed

Camille Weanquoi is a distinguished choreographer, educator, and advocate for the arts. She holds prominent roles as the co-founder and Executive Director of the Baltimore Black Dance Collective and co-founder and co-director of the Baltimore Black Choreographers Festival. Weanquoi’s expertise spans West African and Contemporary African dance forms, modern dance, and sharing research and narratives rooted in the African American experience. She actively creates, performs, and instructs in African diasporic dance forms across the United States. Camille W. Dance & Co., the performance company she founded, focuses on traditional and contemporary expressions rooted in the rich tapestry of the African diaspora. Their repertoire is marked by a dynamic blend of movements, rhythms, and narratives that pay homage to the ancestral and cultural heritage of the African Diaspora. The company’s artistic endeavors extend beyond performances, offering specialized dance consulting services. Through this, the company aids in arts integration, program development, and culturally diverse dance education for K-12 educators, colleges and universities, private studios, and community initiatives. Through these initiatives, Camille W. Dance & Co. seeks to preserve and increase dance’s artistic and educational value as a medium of cultural expression and learning.

On Tuesday, March 26th at 4pm in the Hope Room of Higgins Welcome Center, join Camille Weanquoi as she speaks about the significance of The Way Forward performance as well as how it connects to traditions of storytelling and notions of democracy. Register for Weanquoi’s talk here.

On Wednesday, March 27th at 7pm in the Edwards Auditorium, the Camille W. Dance & Co. will present a multidisciplinary, intergenerational performance that explores black women’s embodied personal and collective memories relating to shaping identity, the molding of generations, and the community. This performance is heavily influenced by the stories shared through community sister chats, personal family interviews, collective community memory, and the artwork of interdisciplinary artist Myeashia Osuntola Abram. Camille brings her audience on a rites of passage otherworldly journey towards understanding, acceptance, healing, and transformation. Register for The Way Forward here.

This is dedicated to those grandmothers, mamas, aunties, and all dem sistas who mothered us along the way forward…May we always go back to what we know & get what we need!