Women’s Hockey Comes Home

As URI’s Women’s Ice Hockey returns to Boss Arena for home games, now is the perfect time to come out and support the team. Located next to Mackal Field House, Boss Arena is home to URI’s men’s and women’s Club Hockey teams, as well as intramural sports. 

If you’ve never been to a hockey game, you’re missing out! Whether you’re a seasoned spectator or new to the game, there is no shortage of enjoyment in watching the game. I come from a hockey family, with at least half of my family playing. I’ve always been around the culture and it’s a joy to get new friends hooked on a sport they aren’t used to! Newcomers can watch a fast-paced, competitive game full of quick saves, great goals, and amazing displays of teamwork. Hockey veterans can expect to be impressed with the talent, skill, and commitment of our student-athletes.

As with all our teams, URI’s Women’s Hockey carries an infectious energy embodying the Rhody spirit that makes all our games fun to attend. With your choice of seating, you can be as close to the action as you want. Sitting lower on the bleachers gets you up close to the players while sitting higher gives you a broader view of the ice. I’ve always been a fan of sitting up a little higher, so it’s easier to see plays develop. 

One of my favorite aspects of hockey, and something newcomers are always shocked about, is how quickly a game can turn. Some sports have long gaps between plays or plays advance at a slower pace. With hockey, there’s a constant feeling of anticipation – if you look away you might miss something. The ongoing threat of a turnover or a swift breakaway will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t be scared to attend one of URI’s games and experience something new. I recommend making it a shared adventure by showing out for our teams with your friends! If you didn’t spend your childhood sitting rinkside like I did, I recommend gloves and a sweatshirt. While it can be a little chilly if you aren’t used to it, we’re approaching that time of the year when rinkside is probably warmer than the outdoors anyway. 

After watching our women’s team play, I had the opportunity to speak with Captain Emily Jedson about this hockey season.

Emily,  a junior studying kinesiology and dietetics, shared her pride in the team “for taking everything in stride and persevering.” After a long stretch of away games, the team is excited to be back at Boss Arena, and it seems that perseverance is certainly paying off. In their first game back on campus, the women’s team dominated Roger Williams University. By the end of the 2nd, the Rams were up 15-0, with Jedson at center scoring 3 goals herself. Despite their fair share of challenges, the team’s commitment to supporting each other is inspiring.

The team practices five days a week and has lifting sessions twice a week, with extra time spent traveling and recovering from games. Impressively they manage it all while working towards their degrees. 

We’re all around to give each other a hand when it comes to tough classes or even just being someone to lean on for support. Athletics have been such a big part of my life, but I’ve never been as close with my teammates as I have been at URI. We’re all so excited to see each other achieve great things and succeed, and that constant support is so motivating, even on our worst days,” said Jedson. 

The women’s hockey team wants and needs your support!

Any support that is given goes a long way. Come out and support at a game or two and I promise you won’t be disappointed,” said Jedson. 

Check out their schedule here!


By Milo Heard