Room Reservations

*Policies have been updated please read carefully* (last update 9.13.2022)

The Multicultural Student Services Center is open from 8:30 am – 9:00 pm Monday – Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm Fridays during the academic year.

Hours are subject to change during J-Term based on staffing and utilization

J-Term (12/15/23- 1/23/2024) Hours: 10am-4:30pm

Summer Reservations Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Semester Reservation Hours: 8:30am – 9pm Mon-Thurs, Fridays 8:30am-4:30pm

The URI Multicultural Student Services (MSSC) is a building located at 74 Lower College.  MSSC has an additional space in Morrill Hall (Morrill 318) that was offered by President Marc Parlange in March 2022 on the request of multicultural students. While the MSSC welcomes everyone, the MSSC space goal is to provide a safe space for BIPOC and multicultural students on campus.

Reservation Guidelines:

  • All reservation requests must be submitted via verbal and/or e-mail reservation requests will not be accepted
    • Student Organizations: reservation requests for student organizations should be submitted by current e-board member using the University event management system (EMS). 
    • First time requesters: must create an account before requesting a room. New accounts may take up to 24 hours to be approved.  
  • A request submitted does not guarantee that your reservation is confirmed, please allow 24-48 hours for your request to be reviewed by the MSSC Coordinator.
  • The Coordinator will contact you with any questions related to the nature of your request to see if the MSSC can accommodate you. Then, you will receive a status update via email as to whether your request was denied or confirmed
  • All requests for reservations must be submitted 7-10 days before the date(s) requested, last minute requests will be denied
  • The MSSC does not coordinate catering services for reservations. Requesters are responsible for the coordination of catering for their reservations
  • MSSC does not set up and/or break down your reserved space to your specific format desires. There is a default set up for the Conference Room, and for the Hardge Forum. An email with an attachment showing you the default setup can be provided upon request. It is your responsibility to arrange the space to your liking (if it differs from the default setup) and revert the space to the default setup at the conclusion of your event. Please plan accordingly
  • If the room format does not meet your desired needs, you can do the following:
    • Choose another location for your event
    • Submit a work order to facilities 7-10 days in advance detailing your set up needs
  • Any changes made to the room format must be reverted back to the original condition at the conclusion of all reservations
  • MSSC does not have an additional WIFI/Internet source. Requesters must contact University IT Help Desk for WIFI Guest Network Access connections and/or issues related to internet connectivity
  • All materials (decor, leftover food, materials etc.) must be deposited into recyclable containers and/or trash barrels at the conclusion of your event
  • Failure to adhere to maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of MSSC spaces may result in damages and/or cleaning fees assessed to your reservation and will be billed to your group with remittance due within 30 days
  • For large scale events, it is the reservees responsibility to contact housekeeping and/or custodial services to arrange a work order for clean up services
  • Glitter and flamed candles are not permitted in any areas of the Multicultural Student Services Center
  • Please do not remove or cover any of the pictures on the walls in any areas of the Multicultural Student Services Center. Failure to follow this guiline will result in the denial of future reservation requests 

Student Centered Priority: Evening Hours

During the hours of 4:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. during the academic year, reservable spaces at the MSSC are dedicated to student-centered MSSC generated programs/events and Multicultural Student Organization general member meetings and/or events. 

For information related to reservations at MSSC please contact the MSSC Coordinator.

Weekend Reservations

The MSSC is closed on weekends but may approve weekend reservations under special circumstances, this is rare. To request a weekend reservation, contact the MSSC Director for more information.

Spaces Available

Hardge Forum

(Capacity 100, chairs only – 60, tables and chairs)- The Hardge Forum is on the first floor (room 101) and is the biggest room in the MSSC. The space is suitable for big events. This space is available for the wider campus community, but priority is given to multicultural student organizations and minority supporting groups.The Hardge Forum is a large multipurpose room with built in A/V and presentation equipment, screen and projector w/ VGA cord adapter. An HDMI connector chord is available, adaptors are not provided. Please plan accordingly.This space is highly requested and is mainly utilized for MSSC generated events & programs, Multicultural Student Organization weekly meetings, workshops, presentations, and seminars. This space is pre-set to have 7 large round tables, with 6-8 chairs at each table. Extra rectangle tables are placed around the perimeter of the room for additional use, such as catering.

Conference Room

(Capacity 20) – The Conference Room is best suited for smaller group meetings. This space is on the second floor of the MSSC (room 203) and is pre-set to have slender rectangle tables in a U-shaped format with 15 comfortable office chairs. Note that this space is open for the wide community for reservations, though MC student organizations are given an opportunity. It is equipped with a large TV monitor and HDMI hookups for laptops. Additional adaptors are not provided, please plan accordingly.

Student Lounge

(Capacity 45)-The student lounge located on the lower basement level of the MSSC (room 005) and is used as space for entertainment, relaxation and/or multicultural student organization meetings.

Study Room

The study room is on the second floor (room 201). This room has four computers available for the students and it is used as a quiet space for students to study/complete schoolwork. *this space is non-reservable*

MSSC Patio

(Capacity 250+ outdoors)-This area may be used for events, programming or the gathering of large groups for formal or informal purposes with prior approval of the Center’s Director.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the room’s equipment and or meet with a member of MSSC staff prior to event (must be scheduled during center operating hours)

Submit a Room Request

Any request that exceeds the room capacity limits will be denied. If it is found that a requester has knowingly exceeded the capacity, this will impact future request and may result in the denial of future request. Such incidents will also be reported to center director and Fire Marshall. 


MSSC staff is not responsible for set up. Reserveable spaces have a default room set up, and details and/or pictures can be provided upon request. It is the responsibility of the requester submit a work order should their room setup desires differ from the pre-set format.

Tables and Chairs

Properties of MSSC such as tables and chairs are available for use for reservations held at the MSSC only. The MSSC does not lend out tables and chairs.