Welcome to the Menden-Deuer Lab

We are plankton ecologists who conduct hypothesis driven experiments in the laboratory, at sea and in silico to decipher patterns and processes that drive plankton abundance and distribution. Plankton make planet Earth habitable and are central conduits of globally relevant processes, including the carbon cycle. Our goal is to understand what makes plankton tick to predict their role in marine ecosystems now and in the future. If images seem particularly beautiful on these pages, they are most likely created by Cynthia Beth Rubin.


  • Menden-Deuer lab at Ocean Sciences Meeting! - Susanne and Alex attended the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) in New Orleans – the largest gathering of ocean scientists in the world – where they presented research, learned lots, and made many great connections. Alex presented a poster showing results from previous research, titled “Comparing the in situ and ex situ microbiome of three […]
  • Winter NES LTER cruise successful! - The Menden-Deuer team returned from another wonderful winter cruise on the R/V Endeavor, this time represented by Frankie, Nick, Pierre, and Rickie. The ship returned to port on Valentine’s Day, so celebrations were in order (see photo).
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