Welcome to the Menden-Deuer Lab

We are plankton ecologists who conduct hypothesis driven experiments in the laboratory, at sea and in silico to decipher patterns and processes that drive plankton abundance and distribution. Plankton make planet Earth habitable and are central conduits of globally relevant processes, including the carbon cycle. Our goal is to understand what makes plankton tick to predict their role in marine ecosystems now and in the future. If images seem particularly beautiful on these pages, they are most likely created by Cynthia Beth Rubin.


  • Congrats Darcy and Susanne on new publication! - Congratulations to Susanne and former lab member Darcy Taniguchi on publishing their commentary on planktonic predator selectivity. Susanne says she is honored to have been asked to provide commentary on the work of other scientists in the field, and was pleased to work with Darcy on this project. The article can be found here.
  • Alex shares her marine art - Alex Sinno, a lab member and undergraduate at URI, shares her digitally drawn artwork on her website and it’s so incredible our lab also wants to share! Each piece of artwork takes 3-5 hours to make using an iPad and is inspired by Alex’s love of marine life and research – see the krill pictured […]
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