Classical Guitar

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Undergraduate candidates auditioning on classical guitar will be expected to prepare:

  • three pieces from memory and two (2) octave major and minor scales (ascending and descending)
  • all works must be performed on a nylon classical guitar with proper classical technique.

For studio placement prepare one work from each of the following periods:

  • Renaissance or Baroque (e.g., Cutting, Dowland, Milan, Bach, Sanz, Weiss)
  • Classical or Romantic (e.g., Carcassi, Coste, Sor, Giuliani, Barrios, Tarrega)
  • Twentieth Century (e.g., Brouwer, Ponce, Torroba, Villa-Lobos)
    *(Other composers of the same period may be used.)

In addition, all applicants will be given a guitar sight-reading proficiency test.

For more information contact Adam Levin.