Classical Piano

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

Candidates auditioning on piano will be expected to perform at least one piece from memory.

Candidates auditioning for the B.A. in Music or the B.M. in Music Education will be asked to play:

  1. Two-octave major scales, hands together, at a moderate tempo. Please be prepared to play two scales selected from G, D, A, F and B-flat, E-flat majors.
  2. A fast sonata movement by Classical-Period composers such as Haydn, Mozart or Beethoven.
  3. Choose one from the following:
    1. A study/etude/exercise from Carl Czerny’s Op.139 and Op.849, or one that is comparable.
    2. A Bach Two-Part Invention, or a short composition by Bach.
  4. Choose one from the following:
    1. A short composition by a 19th-century Romantic composer (example: Schubert, Chopin, Mendelssohn).
    2. A short composition by a 20th- or 21st-century composer (example: Debussy, Bartok, Prokofiev).

Prospective music majors auditioning for the Bachelor of Music degree in performance in piano are expected to demonstrate higher levels of proficiency. They will be asked to play from memory:

  1. Major and harmonic minor scales, four octaves in sixteenth notes; major and minor triads and arpeggios, four octaves in sixteenth notes. Please be prepared to play the above in two keys (example: G Major/Minor and A Major/Minor).
  2. A prelude and fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier, or a comparable work by J.S. Bach.
  3. A fast movement of a sonata by Beethoven, Mozart or Haydn.
  4. A Romantic work of the difficulty comparable to Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces, Op 12.
  5. A 20th or 21st-century work of the difficulty comparable to Debussy’s Prelude La Cathédrale engloutie.