Saxophone – Classical

Graduate Audition Requirements

  1. Be prepared to play major and natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales through the full normal range of the instrument
  2. Sight-read a short excerpt
  3. Perform two (2) complete and contrasting works, one (1) standard and one (1) contemporary

The following is a list of suggested repertoires, but candidates may substitute works comparable in scope and difficulty.

Standard Literature:

Ibert: Concertino da Camera
Creston: Sonata, Op. 19
Dahl: Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble
Glazunov: Concerto, Op. 109
Desenclos: Prelude, Cadence, et Finale
Villa Lobos: Fantasia
Maurice: Tableaux de Provence
Milhaud: Scaramouche
Tomasi: Concerto
Harbison: San Antonio
Larsson: Concerto, Op. 14
C. Smith: Fantasia

Contemporary Literature:

Lauba: a complete work from Neuf Etudes or another etude
Berio: Sequenza IXb or Sequenza VIIb
Denisov: Sonate
Rosse: Le Frene Egare
Tower: Wings
Stockhausen: In Freundschaft
Larsen: Holy Roller
Boldom: Lilith
Albright: Sonata
Jolas: Episode Quatrieme
Noda: Improvisation 3, or Mai
Rosse: Lobuk Constrictor
Scelsi: Tre Pezzi

For more information contact Jonathan Amon.