Bass – Jazz

Graduate Audition Requirements

  1. Prepare a 32 bar be-bop tune (ex. Confirmation, Donna Lee, Hot House, Ornithology.) Play melody, Walking Bass Line and Improvisation.
  2. Prepare a piece, as above, to demonstrate at least one Latin style (Bossa/Samba, Afro-Cuban, Latin 6/8, etc.)
  3. Same as above in the Jazz Waltz style.
  4. Prepare a standard ballad, Melody, Comp and Improvise. Be sure to demonstrate bow techniques either with the melody or improvisation.
  5. Full range scales (including seven (7) modes of the major and melodic minor scales and first and fifth modes of harmonic minor) in time (walking bass feel)

(Jazz bass players auditioning on string bass are expected to play with a bow)

For more information contact Dave Zinno.