Piano – Jazz

Graduate Audition Requirements

  1. Prepare a 32 bar be-bop tune (ex. Confirmation, Donna Lee, Hot House, Ornithology.) Play melody, Left Hand Comping and Improvisation. Three (3) Choruses
  2. Prepare a piece, as above, to demonstrate at least one (1) Latin style (Bossa/Samba, Afro-Cuban, Latin 6/8, etc.) (ex. Once I Loved, So Danco Samba)
  3. Same as above in the Jazz Waltz style, (ex. Someday My Prince Will Come, Up Jumped Spring, Bluesette)
  4. Prepare a standard ballad, melody, comp and Improvise. (ex. “Round Midnight, Here’s That Rainy Day, Autumn In New York)
  5. Full range scales (including seven (7) modes of the major and melodic and harmonic minor scales and first and fifth modes of harmonic minor). Two (2) octaves Quarter notes, Three (3) octaves, Triplets, Four (4) octaves, Eighth notes. 120 bpm.
  6. Working knowledge of major, minor, dominant, half-diminished and fully-diminished seventh chords in multiple inversions and the ability to add extensions.
  7. Demonstrate sight-reading ability both melodic and harmonic.
  8. Audition must be memorized.

For more information contact Zaccai Curtis.