Jazz Saxophone

Undergraduate Audition Requirements

There are three components to the jazz saxophone audition:

  1. Improvisation
    Prospective students should play a melody and improvise on at least two contrasting pieces from the Real Book or from another source. Students will be evaluated on tone quality, melodic and rhythmic precision, as well as the ability to interpret melodies and adhere to harmonies. Performance by memory is strongly encouraged.
  2. Technique
    Be prepared to play all major scales.
  3. Prepared Piece
    Perform a prepared piece such as

    • a printed jazz transcription (such as from the Charlie Parker Omnibook)
    • a bebop melody like “Donna Lee” or “Billie’s Bounce”
    • an etude or classical repertoire

Other important information:

  • The jazz audition can be played on any saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone, or soprano)
  • Doubles (flute and clarinet) are not required for the audition
  • Doubles can be prepared for the audition if you want to demonstrate these skills

For more information contact John McKenna.