Graduate Audition Requirements

Snare Drum

  1. One advanced-level solo or etude, concert style
  2. Two standard orchestral excerpts of your choice
  3. Sight-reading

Mallet Keyboard

  1. One contemporary multiple-mallet concert solo or etude on marimba or vibraphone
  2. Two standard orchestral glockenspiel or xylophone excerpts of your choice
  3. Sight-reading (two mallets)


  1. One advanced solo or etude
  2. One standard orchestral excerpt of your choice
  3. Sight-reading and demonstrated ability to tune multiple drums from a single given pitch

Multiple-percussion (Optional)

One solo or etude

World Music (Optional)

Demonstration of performance style on drumset, congas, cajon, steel drum, frame drums or other world percussion instruments

For more information contact Kyle Forsthoff.