M. Reza Hashemi

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Ocean Engineering | Graduate School of Oceanography
  • Phone: 401.874.6217
  • Email: reza_hashemi@uri.edu
  • Website

Reza Hashemi has been an associate professor in the Department of Ocean Engineering and Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, USA. He was hired at URI in December 2014. Hashemi was an academic staff at the School of Ocean Sciences of Bangor University, UK, during 2011-2014. He was awarded his first PhD in Civil Engineering from Shiraz University in 2006, and another PhD in Physical Oceanography from Bangor University. His main research interests are ocean renewable energy and coastal resilience using numerical models and observational techniques. He has published (coauthor with Simon Neill) the first textbook with regard to Ocean Renewable Energy (Academic Press) examining fundamentals of generating electricity from the ocean from various sources including wind. He is an outstanding reviewer of Renewable Energy Journal, and has chaired several sessions at the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting with regard to Ocean Renewable Energy. During his work in the UK, he has worked with several offshore renewable energy companies. Read his research on Google Scholar


Ocean Renewable Energy (OCE/OCEG 513): introductory topics related to global ocean renewable energy, including fundamentals of hydrokinetic, tidal, wave, and wind energy, leading energy devices, and more advanced topics including resource assessment and environmental interaction

Energy and Environment (EGR 231g; co-taught by David Bidwell and Jason Dahl): technical, social, and environmental aspects of energy, including energy and the society, energy policy, global challenges of energy, energy systems (fossil fuels, renewables, storage), and environmental pollution of energy systems


  • Meet the Experts — Reza Hashemi - Reza Hashemi is both a researcher and a teacher, helping guide students in their career choices as he shares with them his expertise in ocean engineering and physical oceanography. Drawn to ocean renewable energy and coastal resilience issues, in the context of ocean engineering, Hashemi provides his perspective here about the advances in this rapidly changing field.  
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