NEOWTP Staff & Instructors

Classes offered through the New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program (NEOWTP) are taught by NEOWTP staff, former research program colleagues, experienced onsite wastewater practitioners, regulators from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and RI Coastal Resources Management Council, and faculty members of the URI Department of Natural Resources Science. Staff biographies and instructor list are provided below.

Program Staff

Dr. Alissa Cox

Program Director

Office: 001C Coastal Institute (Kingston), Kingston, RI
Ph: (401) 874-5707

Alissa Cox earned her PhD in URI’s Laboratory of Soil Ecology and Microbiology (LSEM), and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Natural Resources Science department at URI, and the new Director of the New England Onsite Wastewater Training Program. Before pursuing her PhD, Alissa received a B.S. and M.S. degree in Environmental Science, and spent several years teaching science and special education in high schools in Providence and Coventry, RI. Her research focuses on understanding groundwater table dynamics along the southern Rhode Island coast, to assess how changes in the groundwater table may be affecting current and future onsite wastewater treatment systems in near shore coastal areas. Additionally, Alissa is interested in how the microbial communities in soils and various treatment components in different technologies affect nutrient and contaminant transformations, and how they affect greenhouse gas emissions. Effective outreach and education remain central to Alissa’s interests, and she shares her research findings with stakeholders to help improve the resiliency of coastal communities facing myriad future changes and threats. She currently serves as the coordinator of the USDA Hatch Multi-state Research Project NE2045 related to onsite wastewater treatment and climate change.

Lisa Hollister

Program Manager

Office: 001H Coastal Institute, Kingston, RI
Ph: (401) 874-5950

Lisa Hollister completed her M.S. degree in Natural Resources Science at URI and worked in habitat restoration for nearly a decade before joining URI’s Cooperative Extension in 2011.  She joined the NEOWTP in 2015 as Training Coordinator. Lisa manages the NEOWTP online registration system, provides administrative support to all aspects of the program, and assists with community outreach.

Program Instructors and Colleagues

NameOrganizationCourse Involvement
George LoomisUniversity of Rhode Island, Department of Natural Resources Science (retired)OWT 105, OWT 125, INSP 100, INSP 200
Dr. Jose AmadorUniversity of Rhode Island, Department of Natural Resources Science (retired)OWT 170, OWT 155
James BoydRI Coastal Resources Management CouncilOWT 155
Darlene GardnerSuperior Septic Services, Inc.INSP 100
Chuck HorbertRI Department of Environmental Management: Freshwater Wetlands DivisionOWT 155
Kevin HoytKevin Hoyt Construction, LLCINSP 100, INSP 200
Carmine IacuoneHolliston Sand Co., Inc.OWT 140
Dennis JolleyJolley Precast, Inc.OWT 135
Peter PatonUniversity of Rhode Island, Department of Natural Resources ScienceOWT 155
Stephen PinchS. Pinch SurveyingOWT 110, OWT 115
Carl Rosenformerly of Zoeller Pump CompanyOWT 145
Dr. Bianca RossUSEPAOWT 192
Mark StoltUniversity of Rhode Island, Department of Natural Resources ScienceOWT 155, Soils Classes
Dr. Sara WiggintonMASSTCOWT 192