Creslin Sena, ’24

Pre-Physician Assistant

Biological Sciences major; Honors Program


Volunteering at Miriam Hospital, Transport Department. Pre-Health Club. Pharmacy technician at CVS. PA Shadowing-multiple specialties. Currently working on EMT certification. When I get some free time, I love spending time with friends, hiking, and going to the gym.

What would you tell your freshman self?

I think I would tell myself to really explore my options in pre-health. When I entered college, I was really set on going to medical school because I didn’t really know much about other pre-health pathways. Over the most recent winter break, I shadowed a variety of different health professionals to really explore my options before I commit to medical school and discovered that PA school would be a much better option for me. Since then, I’ve made the switch from pre-med to pre-PA. If I hadn’t taken the time to explore healthcare through shadowing, I would have never fully realized this option, and I’m so glad I made the switch.